Kannel version 1.4.5 - update to stable version

Added by Alexander Malysh almost 3 years ago

(19 June 2018)

This is a STABLE version. It should be usable for production systems. Please do report problems to the Kannel bug tracking system available at or send a mail to (the development mailing list).


Changes since version 1.4.4 stable

Compatibility breakers

New features

  • Added graceful-restarting of bearerbox via the SIGHUP signal, which can be used to softly restart bearerbox on config changes allowing existing SMSC connections to keep on running.
  • Added redis support as message store and DLR storage.
  • Added Apache Cassandra 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 support as DLR storage.
  • Added OpenSSL 1.1.x support.
  • Added support for chained certificate files.
  • Added support to define which SSL/TLS chipher suites to use.
  • Added UCS-2 (Unicode) support for FAKE SMSC MOs.
  • Allow override of specific SMPP values via meta-data forwarding, i.e. for TON/NPI, DCS.
  • Splitting white/black-list into per direction (sender/receiver) allowing a more fine grained control.
  • Added 'instances' directive for 'group = smsc' contexts to duplicate the configuration group into any number of instances, so there is no need to duplicate the configuration in the config files, reducing the potential for errors and redundancy.
  • Added per line PDU dump function for SMPP.
  • Added support for constant SMPP TLVs.


  • Fixed various SMPP module issues.
  • Better handling of MySQL DBPool temporary error codes.
  • Various fixes in the routing abstraction layer.
  • Fixed segfault in logging module for permission errors.
  • Fixed smsbox's XML MT and XML POST processing.
  • Fixed HTTP SMSC queue counter.
  • Fixed waiting time when in bearerbox shutdown phase.
  • Fixed missing character set processing in HTTP SMSC (type kannel).
  • Fixed MO concatenation handling for re-routing cases.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Fixing asymmetric load distribution for this HTTP SMSC type.
  • Fixing HTTP Keep-Alive indication as HTTP server.
  • Fixed HTTP UCS-2 payload forwarding.
  • Fixed HTTP admin command /reload-lists.