Kannel version 1.4.4 - update to stable version

Added by Alexander Malysh over 6 years ago

(1 August 2014)

This is a STABLE version. It should be usable for production systems. Please do report problems to the Kannel bug tracking system available at or send a mail to (the development mailing list).


Changes since version 1.5.0 devel

Compatibility breakers

  • SMPP config directives can have ONLY ONE session, either config directive 'port' or 'receive-port' can be set to identify if this is a bind as transmitter or receiver. Configurations with both config directives will PANIC at startup time.

New features

  • Added DLR support for redis.
  • Added DLR support for spool directories.
  • Added DLR support for SQLite3.
  • Added SMSC support for GSMA OneAPI/Ericsson ParlayX via gSOAP.
  • Added SMSC SMPP support for optional TLVs of response PDUs via meta-data.
  • Added 'dead-start' feature for SMSC groups.
  • Added SMSC HTTP generic support for meta-data.
  • Added smsbox support to listen to specific interfaces.


  • Fixed smsbox HTTP call starvation while retrying.
  • Fixed various minor memory leaks for smsbox reported by valgrind.
  • Converted various PANIC conditions to WARNING/ERROR conditions to keep the operations running.
  • Fixed various issues with DLR handling.
  • Fixed various segmentation fault possibilities.
  • Fixed various internal character transcoding issues.
  • Fixed issues for smsbox shutdown.
  • Fixed bearerbox MO routing logic.