Kannel version 1.5.0 - development version is out

Added by Alexander Malysh over 10 years ago

This is a DEVELOPMENT version. Please do report problems to (the development mailing list), or file a bug report to our bug tracking system.


Changes since version 1.4.3

Compatibility breakers

  • Internal message structure has changed, so older smsbox connection daemons won't be able to communicate with this bearerbox. Please ensure that you use boxes from releases greater or equal 1.5.0 for correct communication.
  • DLR storage via MySQL requires now MySQL 4.1 or higher, due that we use now prepared statements in the SQL calls.

New features

  • Added 'meta-data' support, which provides a mechanism to pass SMSC protocol specific optional data to the lower SMSC module layer. Ie. optional TLVs for SMPP.
  • Added better serial speed support for the AT modem on MacOS systems.
  • Added cleaner iconv() support for character re-encoding.
  • Added SMPP v3.4 DLR support via optional TLV values.
  • Added DLR support for the MT batch processing program.
  • Added Microsoft SQL server support as DLR storage backend.
  • Extended the HTTP admin interface.
  • Added SMPP v3.4 intermediate notification support.
  • Added MT module handling of +CME ERROR cases.
  • Added better result parsing generic HTTP SMSC module.
  • Added better throughput handling in SMPP module.
  • Added SMSC module 'loopback' as the MT counterpart of the 're-route' directive in the 'group = smsc' for MO messages. MT messages are bounced back as MOs into the incoming queue.
  • Added separate DLR message counters on the HTTP admin status.
  • Added 'http-timeout' config directive to allow setting of a timeout value for outgoing HTTP calls.
  • Added WTLS provisioning support.
  • Added add-on packages sqlbox and opensmppbox to the main distribution, where sqlbox provides abstraction from bearerbox towards SQL RDBMS and opensmppbox provides abstraction from bearerbox towards SMPP clients.


  • Fixed various bugs in AT module.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Fixed ISO date parsing.
  • Fixed HTTP cookie parsing in WAP module.
  • Fixed WAP-WSP quoted text parsing.
  • Fixed various WAP module bugs.
  • Fixed MT batch processing program.
  • Fixed FreeBSD build procedure.
  • Fixed OMA OTA compiler output.
  • Fixed weak DLR resolving for some SMSC types.