Feature #661

Legacy system support for old Kannel 1.4.1 users, and non-UTF-8 expecting HTTP applications

Added by Stipe Tolj almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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While we moved the internal encoding from latin1 to UTF-8, we have been breaking a couple of things for users using legacy systems based on Kannel 1.4.1. This is ok in some sense, since evolution needed to take place here for the sake of the larger encoding space.

Though, some 'sms-service' receiving HTTP applications out there still require ISO-8859-1 (aka latin1) input for the SMS-MO text. And at the moment all we can deliver is UTF-8. This break legacy systems when moving from Kannel 1.4.1 to anything more recent. As we DO WANT users not to stick around with 1.4.1, and add more flexibility to "choose" what character encoding we want to deliver to the application side, we want something like:

group = sms-service
alt-charset = latin1

that allows us to define what charset is used towards the HTTP server side, and what we also expect from it.


#1 Updated by Stipe Tolj almost 8 years ago

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corresponding patchset committed to SVN trunk:

2012-10-19 Stipe Tolj <stolj at> * doc/userguide/userguide.xml: add 'alt-charset' documentation for context
'group = sms-service'. * gw/smsbox.c: adding the 'alt-charset' handling for sms-services, allowing
an user to define an alternative character encoding then UTF-8 to be used
while making HTTP calls to remote application systems. Most of the diff
changes are source code re-formating. The essential logic changes are
found at line 1112 for the MO handling, and at line 1693 for MT handling. * gw/urltrans.[ch]: added function urltrans_alt_charset() and corresponding
element in the URLTranslation struct, keeping the config directive. * gwlib/cfg.def: added 'alt-charset' to 'group = sms-service' context.
This patchset implements feature Feature #661.

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